Silent Sunday 19th June 2011

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13 responses to “Silent Sunday 19th June 2011

  1. Work it baby. Work it!

    Love, love, love this shot. a pro.

  2. Amaing capture. That is one inquisitive squirrel (or did you have a big bag of peanuts?)

  3. So cute!! They always look a bit like they’re going to pounce don’t they?

  4. What a curious little fella. You must have been quick to capture that moment x

  5. Haha. Givin it laaarge. That squirrel has attitude!

  6. This is making me laugh. Hate to say it but he looks like he wants to tell you to B*gger off! If looks could kill! ;0) What a great shot! x

  7. Wow I can’t believe how close you managed to get x

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