Rocking the Bump: Being a Lush Mummy!

What do you normally think of when you think of maternity clothes? Frumpy, flowery, unattractive, tent like or boring possibly. Well, maternity clothes have improved a lot in recent years  but some clothes manufacturers still think that women want to hide their bumps, not show them off. I am 24 weeks pregnant now and I love my showing my Bump off, especially when I go out for special occasions.

I have been lucky when it has comes to maternity wear as I have a blog sponsor in the form of Lush Mummy. Lush Mummy was set up by Amy and Anna, two sisters who work in the City of London who both got pregnant and then could not find anything to wear that they liked, that was suitable for in the office. As they originally came from Korea and already had clothes brought over from there for them. They started ordering maternity/breastfeeding clothes for themselves and their friends too and this is how Lush Mummy got started.

I have been wearing their clothes now for a couple of months and I have been very impressed with the quality, the style and the price. My absolute favourite item is the Diamond Dress in black. I love it! I have been looking for a proper little black dress for years and have finally one. I would wear it if it I was not pregnant as the fit is that good.  I feel fabulous in it. I highly recommend it!

The second dress I have been wearing is the Peachy Orange dress. I wore this during the day at my friend Ali’s wedding in Somerset, a week and half ago.  I changed into the Diamond dress on the evening as it is more suitable for partying. The peachy orange dress is good quality but the cut is larger than the diamond dress so more suitable for bigger bumps than mine currently is. It was slightly on the large size for me but no one could tell and I got lots of lovely compliments for it. I am sure it will look great as my bump gets bigger throughout the rest of the summer.

The third item I have been sent is the Pandora maternity/breastfeeding top. This top goes well with jeans, trousers or leggings and has a stretchy band that goes around the waist showing your bump off really well. It has discrete zips for breastfeeding that are well hidden under a floaty material layer at the top. This top will last you throughout pregnancy and beyond. I really like the top, although it took a bit of getting used too as I do not really wear floaty material things. I love how it shows the bump off though and cannot wait for the next chance I get to wear it!

Thank you to Amy and Anna for sending me these lovely clothes. It is much appreciated :-)

This is how I have been rocking my bump. Please come and tell me how you have been rocking yours :-)

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Vanessa Kimbell, my friend, food writer and now cookbook author is challenging bloggers to share their dreams at the moment as she has just achieved her dream of becoming a food writer.

At the moment, I have two dreams. One sort of big dream that I would really like to achieve but am not sure I ever will and one dream that I hope will be achievable, especially with a little one on the way.

My big dream is to become a recognised full time food writer and cookbook author. My hero whose job I am aiming for when I say this, is Nigel Slater. I love his approach to food and how he gets to make recipes, potter around his garden and really enjoy food for what it is. Simple and honest food that gives people a really good meal that does not use extravagant ingredients or complicated techniques. I have no desire to be a chef as I do not think you can be very creative in the job, unless you get to a very high level in the profession. I also have no desire to be shouted at to get the steaks out every night of the week. Therefore, I think Nigel Slater has my dream job and I would love to achieve even a tiny bit of what he has done.

My smaller and hopefully more achievable dream is that I can find a job, whether it be in food or GIS (my day job at the moment) that means I can spend as much time as I can at home with my child to see them growing up. I also hope to earn enough money that I can give them everything they need in life, without them being spoilt. To achieve this,  I have thought about setting up my own GIS business or setting up some sort of private cookery lessons company that travels round to people’s homes and teaches them how to cook simple, not too expensive meals to feed their families with. I do not know exactly what I want yet but I do know that I want to see my child as much as possible. I would like a happy child who knows that their parents will do as much as they can to make sure it has the best start in life and is ready to face our ever changing world.

These are my dreams. What are yours?

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