The Gallery: Water

Water is not really something that features in my day to day life in the land locked West Midlands. However this changes when I visit my favourite place in the whole world:  Rovinj in Croatia.

Rovinj is located on the Adriatic Sea in Northern Croatia in Istria.  The picture above is part of the Old Town of Rovinj and the Church of S. Eufemia at the top of the hill. Water becomes part of our daily lives whenever we visit as we stay in the Hotel Istra, which is located on the island of Sv. Andrija (St Andrew), 10 minutes boat ride away from Rovinj. The sea becomes an important part of the holiday and my memories of the place as you need to get on a boat to get anywhere on it and it surrounds the hotel, meaning that nearly every moment of the day you are seeing or using  the water for something. I think Rovinj and the surrounding area is beautiful and I cannot wait to visit there again soon, with a little one in tow! 🙂

This is a post for The Gallery and the theme this week is water.

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