Project 366 – 56/366

Hug me! :-)

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16 responses to “Project 366 – 56/366

  1. Oh how adorable. I remember so well that kicking and fist stage.

  2. “What are you doing there”

    Very cute picture. :-)

  3. Absolutely beautiful baby :)

  4. Oh how beautiful! What a lovely photo.

  5. Awww this doesn’t help my broodiness :) beautiful

  6. beautiful picture would love a cuddle!

  7. So cute, he is growing up so quickly!

  8. Aww so cute, just want a cuddle too !

  9. awwww so adorable! love the little clenched fists up in the air x

  10. so very cute

  11. I think he is use to his picture being taken by now, with plenty more to come

  12. Just adorable, feels like a long time ago I had one of those! Time flies etc etc…enjoy it! :)

  13. Completely and utterly gorgeous! Love it.

    Thanks for linking up!

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