My Week That Was (W/E 26th January 2013)


On Sunday, we stayed at home all day due to the snow so I baked some gingerbread stars. Thomas loved them.
On Monday, we stayed in again but when Thomas was asleep, I dug my car out from under all the snow. Then I took this photo of berries underneath the snow at the bottom of my drive.
On Tuesday, I had a really busy day at work and nearly forgot to take a photo. This is a picture of one of Thomas' bath toys taken just before I went to bed!
On Wednesday, Thomas came home from nursery in a very happy mood. Daddy and Thomas found an old wrapping paper tube and started using it as an instrument. Thomas had so much fun walking round the living room with it. It kept him amused for quite a while.
On Thursday I decided to try something different in the kitchen and made Nigel Slater's honey and mustard sausages with carrot mash. It was delicious. I will definitely be making it again.
On Friday, Thomas and I had a relaxing morning before we headed to our NCT coffee group. Thomas even had time for a cuppa too! (It's an empty cup)
Today, we went on the bus to visit my uncle who runs a pub nearby. While we were waiting for the bus, my dad made a mini snowman for Thomas. We left him sat on the bus seat to greet people as they arrived at the bus stop



My Week That Was (W/E 19th January 2013)

On Sunday, we went and visited my Grandparents and Thomas played with their dog, Tyler. We then came home and had a roast chicken dinner.

On Monday, after baby signing we went to Worcester to see my work colleagues and went and saw a friend with a baby 3 months younger than Thomas. On the way over the footbridge in the centre of Worcester, we saw geese and a train go past.

On Tuesday, Thomas came home from nursery and we read some books together as a family and Thomas and daddy played together.

On Wednesday, Thomas was very tired after nursery so we had cuddles on the sofa.
On Thursday, Thomas came home from nursery, got my iPhone and started taking to Siri. We are not sure what he was asking for but Siri could not find it
On Friday, we had a snow day and we took Thomas out in it for the first time. He loved it, especially walking in and touching the snow!!!

On Saturday, we had bath time fun and enjoyed being inside as a family.




Country Kids (W/E 19th January 2013) – Snow Business!

Yesterday as I am sure most of you are aware, parts of the country were gridlocked by the white stuff and the words 'snow day' were shouted from the roof tops. As it was Thomas' first proper chance to see snow, we were eager to get outside and show him how much fun snow is. After a quick walk to our local supermarket to buy Thomas some boots and a sledge, we were off for some fun!

Thomas and I were joined by Daddy (Stuart) and my dad (Grandad Mick) for a trip to our local park. Thomas was a bit unsure at first until he saw the other children in the park enjoying the snow. I put him on the sledge with me and down the hill we went. Thomas loved it. After sledging, we took a walk through the snow and had a mini snowball fight which made Thomas laugh!!! It was a great first snow day for a nearly 15 month old! :-)



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