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My Week That Was (W/E 30th March 2013)


On Sunday, we woke up to find my car was hidden in its own snow drift. We went outside briefly to play in the snow but spent most of the day inside.

On Monday, I made Thomas an Easter themed sensory box which he loves playing with.

On Tuesday, Thomas brought an Easter card home from nursery. It's his hand and feet to make the shape of a rabbit.

On Wednesday, I finished testing the Acer B1-A71 tablet for a review coming up shortly.
On Thursday, I spent most of the day doing housework but I did manage to squeeze in a quick coffee break and an egg and spoon!

On Friday, we went to a farm and Thomas saw a chick for the first time.

Yesterday, we went out on a trike ride and Thomas wore trainers for the first time.





Silent Sunday – 31st March 2013



Country Kids: Chick Chick Chicken!!


This morning, Thomas, Stuart and I went to Beckett's Farm to see the baby animals and the chicks hatching. We saw sheep, calves, pigs, goats, donkeys and chickens. Thomas was not sure what to make of the pigs, chickens and donkeys. The chicks were very sweet and Thomas enjoyed seeing them. He liked the sheep as they did not move round so much. I think next year will be even better as Thomas will understand more. The farm was very busy so we did not stay quite as long as we would of liked but will definitely be back soon :-)


Easy Easter Sensory Box for Toddlers

Easter Sensory Box

For ages now, I have spent many hours looking at Pinterest for ideas for new and exciting things that I can do with Thomas. I have been considering doing a sensory box for a while but not had the time or the energy to make one up for him.

When I was in Asda, a couple of weeks ago I saw some shredded green and yellow paper and some plastic eggs and decided instantly that Thomas and I could have some fun with those. After a quick visit to a local craft shop for a couple of other bits to go in it (pom poms and feathers), I set about making the sensory box up in an old shoe box.

I put the green shredded paper in first with plastic eggs (open, closed and even some with pom poms in) and scattered feathers with more bigger pom poms on top. The yellow shredded paper went on next and the same process followed. I tried to put the eggs into the paper so it would look like they were in a nest.

Thomas enjoyed playing with the sensory box. He picked up the plastic eggs and had fun throwing them. He enjoyed sorting the small pom poms inside the eggs out of them and back in again. He liked being tickled by the feathers and tried to put one in his hair! I will need to  get my thinking cap on and make another sensory box for Thomas soon I think as he enjoyed exploring this one so much!


spring carnival

Silent Sunday – 24th March 2013




My Week That Was (W/E 23rd March 2013)


On Sunday, it was Thomas' christening. Here he is, looking smart with daddy before we left for the church. We had a lovely day and we would like to thank all our family and friends for coming :-)

On Monday, we were very tired/poorly after the christening but we managed to get out and go shopping with my dad. Here is Thomas having a ride with a new friend
On Tuesday, my cough and cold got worse so I had the day off work. Once Thomas came home from nursery we chilled out watching Curious George.
On Wednesday, I made some easy Easter nest cupcakes to take to Blue Door Bakery's Cake Club on Thursday
On Thursday, I went to stay and play at Thomas' nursery. They let me take a few photos. We had lots of fun!

On Friday, due to the weather and our ongoing illnesses and tiredness, we stayed in and made a start on our Easter card making

Today, we are even more snowed in than yesterday so we stayed in and had lots of play doh fun!








My Week That Was (W/E 16th March 2013)


On Sunday, it was Mother's Day. I was treated to a lie in, some flowers and some lovely presents. My family even surprised me by giving me a card with pictures of Thomas playing in my old my pedal car in. I did not even know that we still had it!

On Monday, we went to baby signing and then played in the Kiddicare cafe play area. Here is Thomas looking quite serious in the mirror there.

On Tuesday, we came back from work/nursery and read books. We will all really tired

On Wednesday, we practiced getting ready for Easter by trying on our bunny ears

On Thursday, we had a fun trike ride back from nursery looking at all the cars and other vehicles on the way

On Friday, I went to Purnell's Bistro for lunch and had a cocktail called 'Lamb Provençal' which was basically a roast dinner in a glass. It was strange but deliciously yummy too. The meal that followed was excellent, especially the apple crumble pudding!


Tonight, I made us a hot and spicy curry to try and get rid of our colds!






Silent Sunday – 10th March 2013



My Week That Was (W/E 9th March 2013)


On Sunday, we went to the canal in Rowley Regis and fed the ducks and the geese. We taught Thomas how to throw bread and feed the ducks. We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed being outside as a family

On Monday, Thomas and I did not feel so good so we spent the day at home. Thomas thought it would be fun to put the Lego box on his head

On Tuesday, Thomas was feeling tired after nursery so we had cuddles on the sofa

On Wednesday, after another tiring nursery and work, Thomas played with his favourite toy, Scout

On Thursday, it was World Book Day and Thomas went to nursery dressed as a lion. One of the characters in his favourite book 'How Big Is My Bear'. He looked super cute in his fancy dress

On Friday, Thomas found another box to put on his head!

Today, the lion costume came out again as Thomas was invited to a 3rd birthday fancy dress party. At the party he decorated a crown so he became 'King of the jungle'




I am a Mummy

Mother's Day this year has taken on a new meaning for me. On Monday, just before he went to bed, Thomas called me 'Mummy' for the first time. He is 16 months old. He like most children said 'dada' first at around six months old and a few months later, the odd 'mama' started coming out too. I have been encouraging him to say 'mummy' since.

This is my second Mother's Day. I always thought my first ever Mother's Day would be most significant but actually I think it is going to be this one. Thomas now knows who I am and that I will come and help/cuddle/support him whenever he needs me too.

Since becoming a Mummy, I have changed for the better. I appreciate the small things in life now. I have enjoyed every moment with Thomas from the first smile, the first tooth, first food, first steps, and even managed to enjoy the (horrendous) first haircut experience! Thomas is changing every day now at an alarming fast rate and I am enjoying every second of it.

This Mother's Day and every other day for that matter, I will get to cuddle and kiss my son and tell him how much he means to me. Some other Mummy's like Jennie from Edspire are not able to do that anymore with their child as they are shining stars in heaven looking down on us all. Because of this, I urge you this Mother's Day to enjoy being a mummy, enjoy being with your children and remember those Mummy's who are less fortunate than ourselves.

To donate to the Bliss fund in memory of Jennie's daughter, Matilda Mae please see here.



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