My Week That Was (W/E 29th June 2013)


On Sunday, I was still in London after BritMums Live. I had a walk round by Smithfield Market, St Paul's cathedral and the Millennium Bridge.

On Monday, we announced we some exciting news!!! (Due early January 2014)

On Tuesday, Thomas came from nursery with a belated birthday card for me. I didn't get it last week as Thomas got conjunctivitis

On Wednesday, I went to #futurefoodies, the first social media food fair showcasing local Birmingham producers. It was held Hotel La Tour and I was part of the organising team

On Thursday, I finally got our family of coke bottles together

On Friday, Thomas went to a 3 year old's dance party. Here he is posing with a lolly pop at the party

On Saturday, we let Thomas loose in our local supermarket. He enjoyed exploring the aisles and helping us purchase everything

Yesterday, I attended our regional NCT Stars ceremony and I was awarded a highly commended certificate by Belinda Phipps (CEO of NCT) for being shortlisted for Most Innovative Volunteer



‘Baba’ Pregnancy Diary – 12 weeks

Jo bump 11 weeks

I am exactly 12 weeks pregnant today with my second child. Although this baby was planned, I was still in a bit shock when I guessed by the symptoms I was having that I was pregnant again. It took 9 months to conceive Thomas and I was pretty much expecting the same time. However, it only took 3 1/2 months to happen this time, a bit sooner than I expected!

Morning sickness (all day sickness!!) and fatigue have been much worse this time too and looking after toddler, going to work and carrying on as normal have been very hard going. This pregnancy so far has been completely different to when I was pregnant with Thomas. With Thomas, I only had morning sickness for two weeks, then only felt tired after that. With this one, I have been feeling nauseous since finding out, have been constantly exhausted and have been craving chocolate and other sweet things. With Thomas I craved salt and lived on McDonald’s throughout my pregnancy. Now I think I need shares in a chocolate factory!!

Thomas has been very good since finding out I was pregnant. He knows that there is a ‘Baba’ in my tummy. He will come along and rub my tummy and say ‘aah’. Thomas will also wave and say ‘hello baby’ to my tummy. He has also learnt the Tiny Talk signs for ‘Big Brother’ and knows that he will be one soon. I am sure he will be a great big brother but at the moment, whenever I hold another baby, even very briefly he starts crying and wants to be held by me. I have tried telling him that Mummy’s need to help other Mummy’s occasionally by holding their baby’s for a bit so that they can do something and that he is a big boy now and does not need holding all the time. Any more suggestions as to what I could do to stop this would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if anyone knows where my second bag of maternity clothes have gone in my house then please let me know!

I will be back in a couple of weeks with another update 🙂

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