‘Baba’ Pregnancy Diary – 16 Weeks

baba 16 weeks pregnant

I am a bit late with this pregnancy diary entry as I am 17 weeks tomorrow. I am still waiting for my referral to physiotherapy to sort my knees out so I am having to manage the best as I can with that and try not to do too much, which is quite hard when you have a toddler to look after too. The baby has started moving lots and in particular, it really enjoyed my pregnancy yoga session last night. I have been feeling the baby move since I was about 10 weeks pregnant. As I am so little, baby’s do not have much room to hide in me!!

Jo henna 16 weeks

On Saturday, I had my first henna belly from my friend Manie from Opal Aura. It was really relaxing. I nearly fell asleep while she was doing it. I am planning on having them monthly from now on as not only are they gorgeous designs but henna can also reduce the appearance of stretch marks and it helps with bonding with the baby too. The henna has faded slightly but is still going strong today. It will last about a week depending on how often I get it wet.

Thomas is still being a fantastic big brother to be. We have started reading There’s A House Inside My Mummy (affiliate link) kindly loaned by friend Becci. Thomas loved it so much we read it three times in the first half an hour. Thomas was slightly confused by the picture on my belly (henna) but seems to have got used to it now. He is now sleeping with the side of his cotbed in preparation for going into a toddler bed in the next couple of months. This is much better for my back as it was really hurting me getting him in and out of the cot.

Tell me, when did you first feel your baby move?

My Week That Was (W/E 27th July 2013)


On Sunday, we had a quiet day at home. Thomas played with Happyland with a Lego Duplo box on his head for some reason!

On Monday, we went shopping. Thomas was overjoyed to discover that there was a Mr Tumble magazine. He even started reading it as we were going round the shop

On Tuesday, we had a day of two halves weather wise with lots of thunder, lighting and rain early morning and lots of sunshine in the afternoon

On Wednesday, my new gorgeous #matildamae bag from Mia Tui arrived. I am completely in love with it already 🙂

On Thursday, I went to Blue Door Bakery's Cake Club. We learnt how to do quilting and decorated a cake

On Friday, Daddy finished work early so there was time for lots of cuddles

On Saturday, I helped my friend with a stand at our local Kiddicare Expectant Parent event. Here are a couple of bump casts that she made today



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