My Week That Was (W/E 24th August 2013)

On Sunday, we went to Thomas' nursery for a family picnic. Thomas had great fun showing us around his nursery

On Monday, we went to visit my mother in law. She has these lovely flowers and I could not resist taking a photo of them

On Tuesday, I spent the day sorting out the spare room that will eventually become the new baby's room

On Wednesday, we had a trike ride back from nursery

On Thursday, Thomas helped Stuart to water the garden

On Friday, I baked my entry into the Great Bloggers Bake Off and also baked some gender reveal cupcakes for my NCT friends. We are having another boy! 🙂

Today, we went to a new style Beefeater restaurant in Redditch. Thomas had some breadsticks that were nearly as big as he is!



Is Thomas having a brother or a sister?

Is Thomas having a brother or a sister?

Yesterday I had my 20 week scan and we were able to find out the gender of 'Baba'. I have been thinking of the best way to announce this since Stuart and I decided we wanted to find out. I then had an idea. I could use cake and tell my friends at my local NCT coffee group which I hosted this morning.

I decided to use my Lakeland duo icing kit and pipe pink and blue icing on top and then colour the cake itself pink or blue so you had to eat the cake to tell whether 'Baba' was pink or blue. I used dark green cases to hide the colour of the cakes.

I am pleased to announce that Thomas will be having a little brother!!!




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