LeapFrog – Making Sure Children are Safe Online

With the findings of the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) probe report on ‘in-app purchasing’ released today, a timely survey by LeapFrog UK reveals that one in 10 UK families have seen their child accidentally rack up bills whilst they play with an adult smart phone or tablet device.

The survey, commissioned by the educational entertainment leader, reveals that 60 per cent of survey respondents now give their children their adult devices to play with at home with a further 13 per cent providing them with required passwords to log in themselves.

Almost half (43 per cent) of respondents say they recognise the educational value of technology in children’s lives, but with children often just a click away from chargeable or inappropriate content, more than a quarter of those parents (26 per cent) admit they do not always have the time to supervise their child when using their technology and will not always be in the same room as they play with devices.

As rationale for the report, the OFT has revealed that 80 of the 100 top-grossing Android apps in the UK earlier this year were free to install but raised revenue through in-app purchases.*

Chris Spalding, SVP & Managing Director EMEA/Australasia of LeapFrog UK comments: “Whilst the OFT report examines in-app purchasing in detail, in reality it also places a spotlight on the wider issue of child-safe technology as a whole.

“As smart phones and adult tablets become more prevalent in households with children, it is not just about incurring costs accidentally, but also about children potentially experiencing inappropriate content via the internet. We value the learning experiences that technology brings and with our range of dedicated kids’ learning tablets we offer parents the best tablet experience with more than 500 engaging and entertaining experiences all of which have been approved by our learning experts. This gives parents peace of mind as they let their children independently discover, play and explore valuable web content.”

Education expert, Janette Wallis adds: “With one in 10 children knowing passwords for adult smart phones or tablets at home, it is no surprise that this survey found that almost one in five parents have discovered their child at times, using their device without permission.

“These devices can be wonderfully educational and entertaining for children, but their Wi-Fi capabilities also mean that children can stray into inappropriate or adult areas online, especially if unsupervised. Parents can take simple measures to control their child’s tech experiences but don’t always know where to start- this is where brands within this sector could help.”

The LeapFrog survey also highlights that one in 10 parents have purchased a child specific learning tablet, allowing them to not only reclaim their own devices from their children, but also limit online play dangers.

LeapFrog’s newest device, LeapPad Ultra, is the ultimate learning tablet for kids and the ideal solution for those parents worried about their child’s use of tech devices and online accessibility. The perfect combination of learning and fun, this Wi-Fi connected tablet boasts more than 500 interactive educational games, creativity apps, eBooks, videos, music and more, all designed or approved by LeapFrog’s highly experienced team of learning experts. It also features a kid-safe web content experience, LeapSearch™, created in partnership with Zui™, a leading children’s browser developer. LeapSearch is kid-ready out of the box and delivers an experience that parents can trust.

Unique to LeapPad Ultra, a seven-inch high-resolution screen is designed to help children learn to write using a stylus while supporting interactive touch experiences. LeapPad Ultra also features a sleek new look, a long-lasting rechargeable battery, and front and back cameras and video recorders plus 8 GB of storage for photos, apps, videos and more.

LeapPad Ultra, already tipped by Argos, Hamleys and The Entertainer to be a best seller this Christmas, is now available in major retailers nationwide.

For more information on LeapPad Ultra, visit: http://www.leapfrog.com/en_gb/landingpages/leappadultra.html or for the latest information on LeapFrog UK, Like our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/LeapFrogUK.

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post. LeapFrog UK have sent me the information and I thought it was useful for all parents to know. It is not a problem I have had to deal with yet but am sure I will need to watch out for possible in -app purchases in the near future.



Happy 2nd Birthday to Thomas!

Thomas is 2 years old today and I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. It only seems like five minutes ago, Thomas was a tiny baby. Here are some of the things Thomas can do now he is 2 years old:

  • Can do nearly 70 Tiny Talk (British Sign Language) or Makaton (Mr Tumble) signs
  • Can nearly recite the numbers 1- 10 in the correct order
  • Has started putting basic sentences together
  • Can say 'please' and 'thank you'
  • Started doing some basic colour recognition
  • His current TV programme obsession is Peppa Pig
  • He loves singing the 'Wheels on the Bus', 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' and 'Old MacDonald Had a Farm'.
  • He names buses when we drive past them – 'Daddy Bus' (Double Decker), 'Mummy Bus' (Single Decker) and 'Baby Bus' (Mini Bus)
  • His best friend outside of nursery is Pippa and his friends in nursery include Isla, Evie, Ethan and Skye.
  • At the moment, everything is 'mine', a habit we are trying to get him out of!
  • He is currently teething (hopefully for the last time!) and his last teeth at the back of the mouth have started coming in.
  • He knows what a potty is for but is yet to put this into practice. We are hoping this will change soon!

Mummy and Daddy are both very proud of you Thomas and we cannot wait to see what you do next! We know you are going to be an excellent big brother and we look forward to our next adventures together as a family of four!


Magic Moments



My Week That Was (W/E 26th October 2013)

On Sunday, I cooked the Hairy Bikers sausage casserole for my new food blog recipe linky called #bloggersknowbest. Read more here if you want to take part!

On Monday, Thomas and I baked cakes together for the first time 🙂

On Tuesday I had a busy day at work so only chocolate would do!

On Wednesday, I was busy starting preparations for Thomas' 2nd birthday party on Sunday

On Thursday, some artwork came home from nursery

On Friday, Thomas drank new Frumoo milk like a big boy

Today, I went to Fiesta Del Asado for a meal with some fellow food bloggers. Here is one of the meat platters that we shared




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