Happy 2nd Birthday to Thomas!

Thomas is 2 years old today and I cannot believe how fast the time has gone. It only seems like five minutes ago, Thomas was a tiny baby. Here are some of the things Thomas can do now he is 2 years old:

  • Can do nearly 70 Tiny Talk (British Sign Language) or Makaton (Mr Tumble) signs
  • Can nearly recite the numbers 1- 10 in the correct order
  • Has started putting basic sentences together
  • Can say 'please' and 'thank you'
  • Started doing some basic colour recognition
  • His current TV programme obsession is Peppa Pig
  • He loves singing the 'Wheels on the Bus', 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' and 'Old MacDonald Had a Farm'.
  • He names buses when we drive past them – 'Daddy Bus' (Double Decker), 'Mummy Bus' (Single Decker) and 'Baby Bus' (Mini Bus)
  • His best friend outside of nursery is Pippa and his friends in nursery include Isla, Evie, Ethan and Skye.
  • At the moment, everything is 'mine', a habit we are trying to get him out of!
  • He is currently teething (hopefully for the last time!) and his last teeth at the back of the mouth have started coming in.
  • He knows what a potty is for but is yet to put this into practice. We are hoping this will change soon!

Mummy and Daddy are both very proud of you Thomas and we cannot wait to see what you do next! We know you are going to be an excellent big brother and we look forward to our next adventures together as a family of four!


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