‘Baba’ Pregnancy Diary – 31 Weeks

Jo bump 30 weeks WM

Hello everyone. Sorry for the delay in between my pregnancy diary updates. Life has been a bit crazy here! The third trimester has started with an emergency growth scan as my midwife measured my bump as small. This was probably positional because until last week, the baby has been mostly lying in a transverse position. We had the scan and everything was fine thankfully. It did cause a night of worry for us both though.

Jo henna 30 weeks WM

I had henna on my bump for the second time from my friend Manie who is a doula and runs a company called Opal Aura. Manie put ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ on my bump as Thomas has been singing it a lot recently and I wanted to give him more connection to my bump and his little brother. Manie is also going to be giving Stuart and I antenatal coaching and she is currently planning my baby shower. I will keep you updated on these as soon as I can.

I have been given a top (pictured above) from the new Kiddicare maternity range and I love it. It is really stylish, comfortable and it washes really well too.

I am hoping that the next nine weeks pass by without any complication. I know I am going to be exhausted but have been exhausted all the way through this time. I am looking forward to maternity leave at 34 weeks and am really hoping we do not get too much snow in November, December and January. I would still like to get around as much as I can.



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