Top 10 Pregnancy Essentials

Top 10 pregnancy essentials

As I am now 36 weeks through my second pregnancy, I thought it would be a good time to write about a post about what are my top 10 pregnancy essentials. These are my top 10 things that have made both my pregnancies a little easier and enjoyable. My Top 10 are:

Jo bump 30 weeks WM

1) Good quality comfortable maternity clothes and underwear: I needed to wear maternity bottoms fairly early on in both pregnancies as I had a little bump from the start. My advice is stick to brands/clothes styles you normally wear and just make sure you are a 100% happy in them. I love Next, Debenhams and the new range at Kiddicare (instore only at the moment) for maternity clothes. For underwear, I highly recommend Bras 4 Mums. They have wide selection of underwear, swimwear and sleepwear for you to choose from and offer lots of advice ensuring you make the right choice for you.

2) A maternity support pillow: Sleeping throughout pregnancy can be difficult so a well designed support pillow is a must. I like the Theraline Maternity Pillow which was I was sent to review. It is bright, colourful and will mould to practically any shape you want it to.

3) A maternity bump support: If you have any back or knee problems, a maternity support band is a must. I was sent this one to review and before I had physio on my legs/knees it was useful to help me get around and take the pressure of my joints.

Jo henna 30 weeks WM

4) Henna on my bump: I have only had henna during this pregnancy. It is wonderful experience and is very unique to you and your bump. My friend Manie who is a doula and runs Opal Aura does it for me. I highly recommend it if you are pregnant too.

5) Non-alcoholic wine or beer: Admit it, we all enjoy the cheeky glass (or 6) occasionally! There is no reason why you shouldn't have some fun while you are pregnant too. Recently, many more non-alcoholic versions of well know drinks have come on the market. A couple of my favourites are Eisberg non -alcoholic wine (I was sent a bottle of wine to review) and Kopparberg non- alcoholic fruit cider.

6) A treat just for you: Being pregnant is hard work and we all need a treat every now and again. I recently received a Project B pregnancy gift box to review and love the concept of receiving treats through my letterbox for every month of my pregnancy. However, a treat does not need to be anything big. During this pregnancy, I have been more than happy just having a cup of tea and a bar of chocolate without a toddler demanding my attention all the time.

7) Pregnancy Yoga or other form of antenatal exercise: I have done yoga throughout both my pregnancies and I highly recommend it. It gives you much needed exercise, relaxation and gives valuable (especially second time round) time to bond with your baby. It has kept me sane throughout both my pregnancies and some of the techniques can even help in labour and birth too.

8) Things to help with acid reflux: I have suffered with acid reflux throughout both my pregnancies. Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to help with it. I have found that gaviscon, fennel tea and milk can help ease it as can sleeping in a more upright position.

9) Doula/close friend who has been there at least a couple of times before: During this second pregnancy, it has been really useful to have Manie my doula friend around. I have been able to go through all birth options with her, discussing the benefits and disadvantages of everything and putting my mind at ease.

10) A maternity photoshoot: When you are heavily pregnant, you can feel quite bad about your body so a maternity photoshoot near the end of your pregnancy can make you feel really good about yourself and your body. You can see the pictures from the one I had when pregnant with Thomas here and I am due to have another one for this pregnancy next week. It a lovely way to record this milestone in your life and the beginning of your next adventure.

Above all, enjoy being pregnant! It is an amazing experience and well worth all the discomforts you suffer with to get your beautiful baby (or babies!) in the end!! :-)


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  1. A maternity bump support is what my sister needs.
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