My Two Weeks That Was (W/E 5th April 2014)

On Sunday, I put Daniel in jeans for the first time

On Monday, Thomas helped me with the housework

On Tuesday, we went to the GMAC (home of gymnastics in Birmingham), they have a toddler free play session where children can play on full sized gym equipment. Thomas love jumping in the crash pads!

On Wednesday, I took Daniel to mother & baby yoga. He was exhausted at the end!

On Thursday, we stayed at home while Thomas went to nursery

On Friday, Daniel turned into Mickey Mouse

On Saturday, playing made Daniel very tired

On Sunday, I ate a very large ice cream

On Monday, the daffodils appeared in our garden

On Tuesday, Thomas became 'Tractor Tom' at Sandwell Valley Park

Wednesday was another tiring day for Daniel

On Thursday, I had my favourite cauliflower cheese for lunch

On Friday, I had lots of cuddles with a teething Daniel

Today, we have been to see the new Penguin Ice Adventure at Sealife Centre in Birmingham



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