My Two Weeks That Was (W/E 19th April 2014)

On Sunday, I made a Feel Good Fruit Cake

On Monday, Daniel was feeling very cheeky!

On Tuesday, I did my first online shop from Morrison's

On Wednesday, we went to Mamma & Baby Yoga. Daniel had a long sleep afterwards

On Thursday, Thomas and I had a trike ride home from nursery

On Friday, Thomas had his first babycino at Pizza Express

On Saturday, I had some henna done on my hand

On Sunday, Thomas and Daniel watched Monsters Inc together
On Monday, we had breakfast with Peppa Pig at Merry Hill. We saw the Muddy Puddles show afterwards too
On Tuesday, we went to Whitlenge Gardens with friends
On Wednesday, we had a sunny walk back from nursery (I am wearing Daniel in a carrier in the photo, I do not have an extra leg!!)
On Thursday, I made Mini Egg Rocky Road
On Friday, Thomas played croquet in my Nan's garden

On Saturday, Thomas and Daniel had lots of cuddles



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