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Image by Steph (stephstwogirls.co.uk)

'This time at Blog Camp…..'

A few weeks ago, I was one of 170 bloggers at the Tots100 BlogCamp in Birmingham. This was the first blogging event I have been to since having Daniel and since discovering I had PND. Although I have been to loads of blogging events over the years, I still feel really nervous whenever I attend one. It was made worse this time as I have not had much sleep over the last few months, I am covered in baby sick all the time, I am in the middle of a large wardrobe crisis and I am suffering with low confidence due to the PND.

Therefore, I decided that I needed to get off my bum and do something about it. My wardrobe is a disaster zone as my maternity clothes are still all over place and I am still finding out what fits or does not fit me anymore. I decided it was time to treat myself to some new clothes, shoes and make up.

Image used with permission from Hotter Shoes

After much deliberation (I really have no fashion sense at all!!), I finally settled on a black and white tunic from Next, with black leggings and these gorgeous Rumba shoes from Hotter. I love these new shoes so much, I have started calling them my 'happy' shoes!!!! They are so pretty and comfortable. I usually struggle to find heels that I can wear for long periods but these are great.

Armed with my new clothes and shoes, I went with my friend Sarah of Taming Twins to Blog Camp. We had a fun day learning about food and portrait photography from Tom Arber, received WordPress tips and tricks from Annie, Ruth and Emily and learnt how to make better videos from Ruth too. I met up with many blogging friends including Emma, Fi, Sarah, Alex, Vic, Jaime and Joy. I also made new friends including Emma, Laura and Steph.

Image by Steph. (stephstwogirls.co.uk)

By some miracle, during baby feeds and doing general housework the Thursday before Blog Camp, I managed to organise drinks for some of the bloggers attending the event afterwards at Hotel La Tour. About double the number of bloggers I expected turned up and the hotel very kindly served everyone a sample of their signature '1889' cocktail. I had a fantastic time and hope everyone else did too. I hope to organise something similar after next year's event. Thank you to Hotel La Tour for hosting us at such short notice. You did Birmingham proud!!

Anyway, I am going to two more blogging conferences in June (Food Blogger Connect and BritMums Live) and I am back to square one again! I have nothing to wear to either event and not a single clue as to what suits me or does not. I am only 5ft tall, have a little post baby belly to hide and need look and feel comfortable for the long days at conferences. I have my 'happy' shoes to wear so need something to go with them. I normally wear black and have no real cool about patterns, floral or anything like that. I am very boring in what I wear normally.

Can anyone help me find the perfect outfit(s) for the conferences? I would really appreciate it if you could xx


All About You Link & Pin Party

My Week That Was (W/E 24th May 2014)

On Sunday, we went to The Baby Show. Daniel had lots of fun in the new Jumperoo from Fisher Price

On Monday, Daniel borrowed Thomas' new Happy Hopperz

On Tuesday, Thomas and I made cakes

On Wednesday, we tried a new curry dish from Our Little Secret

On Thursday, I went to my friend Fi's book launch

On Friday, Thomas drew a plane on his sketch pad and I was able to take a quick picture before he wiped it off.

On Saturday, Thomas had lots of fun playing with his new castle (It is full of HappyLand characters!!)

Linking this up to Project 365 with The Boy and Me and The Week That Was Captured with Make Do and Push!


My Week That Was (W/E 17th May 2014)

On Sunday, I had a look at some baby photos of myself. Spot the resemblance to Daniel!

On Monday, we went to IKEA and discovered Peppa Pig does follow us everywhere!

On Tuesday, we went to a gym in Birmingham. Thomas had lots of fun running and jumping!

On Wednesday, Daniel and I went to a bloggers event at our local Kiddicare to celebrate the launch of the new Stokke Steps highchair. As you can see Daniel looks very comfortable in it

On Thursday, I got bored so played around on the ipad

On Friday, we went to Haden Hill Park with our NCT friends

Yesterday, after helping out at my local NCT Nearly New Sale in the morning, we went to the pub beer garden in the afternoon and enjoyed the sunshine and blue skies



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