My Week That Was (W/E 3rd May 2014)

On Sunday, we went to an Easter themed birthday party. Thomas was exhausted when we got back and went to sleep in his new car seat from Britax.

On Monday, we went shopping and Thomas picked some new sunglasses from Pumpkin Patch range at Kiddicare

On Tuesday, we went to a local cake shop before a trip to the park. Thomas *may* have eaten a chocolate cake while we were there

On Wednesday, Daniel and I walked to collect Thomas from nursery

On Thursday, I went out for a meal with my family. I ate this large ice cream!

On Friday, we went to a fancy dress party. Stuart and I were Batman and Robin and my dad was a Blues Brother.

Yesterday, I did my #MorrisonsMums shop. Here is a lady packing freshly made cakes in store


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