My Two Weeks That Was (W/E 28th June 2014)

On Sunday, we went to Bewdley. Thomas and Grandad had fun by the river

On Tuesday, Daniel the builder fixed everything!
On Wednesday, Thomas raced away on his scooter coming back from nursery
On Thursday, Daniel learnt how to turn round on his play mat!
On Friday, I went to London for BritMums Live
On Saturday, I was still at BritMums Live
On Sunday, Thomas watered his Nanny’s plants
On Monday, I made some belated birthday cakes for myself (it was my birthday while I was in London)
On Tuesday, we went to a splash pad at Brinton Park in Kidderminster
On Wednesday, Thomas modelled his new Aston Villa kit
On Thursday, we picked the first strawberry out of our garden
On Friday, Daniel tested out a Jumperoo at Kiddicare

Yesterday, we went to Birmingham and watched the dragon boat racing in Brindleyplace

















Child Safety Week With Britax

This week is Child Safety Week, an annual campaign by the Child Accident Prevention Trust, to raise awareness of the risks of child accidents and how they can be prevented. To help raise awareness of in-car safety this week, Britax has put together its top three tips for keeping children safe in the car and as an official Britax Mumbassador, I've been asked to spread the word!

First things first is the law. Children must be in a car seat until they are 135cms tall or 12 years old- whichever comes first! From the age of 4 onwards or 15kg children can be moved to an adult seat belt and a booster seat. Britax do not sell booster cushions as they offer no side impact protection, which form one of the most severe types of collisions on the roads* and only recommend a high-back booster seat which offers deep protective side wings and head support in the event of a collision.

Secondly is fitting the car seat. Britax found that 49% of seat belts used to secure child seats may be fitted incorrectly**, often twisted, too high or fitted around the seat and not the child, leaving the child unprotected. When you purchase a new car seat, it's a really good idea to take your car to the store and have it fitted by an in-store specialist. Make sure the seat is the right one for the weight and height of your child, and do ask your child's opinion too! The best car seat is the one that fits both your child and car, why not try the Britax fit finder to find the best seat for your needs?

Lastly, it's important to keep children entertained and comfortable in the car. As we all know, little ones can cause big distractions with constant questions of 'Are we there yet?' and if you're worrying about your child wriggling around then you can't concentrate on the road. Britax created a 'Keep Calm' guide full of tips from their Facebook community, ranging from using a washable marker pen on windows for children to draw with to giving kids a pretend steering wheel to join in with the driving! Take a look here for ideas on how to keep calm on your journey.

Drive safely everyone!

* Casimir. Child Car Passenger Fatalities – European Figures and In-Depth Study”, Alan Kirk; Loughborough University, UK; Conference: Protection of Children in Cars, Munich, 2011.
** “Misuse: Recent Evaluations in Ireland”, M. Bennett and F. Bendjellal, 2011.


I’m Going To BritMums Live!


Name: Jo

Blog: Jo's Nursery & Jo's Kitchen

Twitter ID: @Jos_Nursery & @Jos_Kitchen

Height: 5ft

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Is this your first blogging conference?

No, it is my third BritMums Live and my seventh blog conference overall

Are you attending both days?

Of course

What are you most looking forward to at BritMums Live 2014?

Meeting my blogging friends, making new ones and chatting to brands. I also hope to finally say hello to Katy Hill too. I have always been too nervous before. I have admired her since she was on Blue Peter.

What are you wearing?

See below

What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2014?

I hope to finally decide on what I am going to do with the appearance of my blogs. I have had the same theme for all the years I have been blogging and desperately need a change as soon as possible. I am hoping someone will give me the inspiration as to what to do

Do you have any tips to pass on to others who may not have been before?

Don't feel that you need to go to every session. You will get information overload if you do. Miss any that are not mega useful to you. Take a break, enjoy the lounges, chat to brands or just get some fresh air. You will be glad you did.


What Am I Wearing!


I will be wearing the dress above from Next on the Friday with black leggings and my happy shoes (see post here). On the Saturday, I will be wearing jeans or cropped jeans along with a t shirt with my details and my sponsor's details on with trainers. Saturday is a long day so I am going for comfort over fashion.

My Sponsor is…

Opal Aura

Opal Aura is a local West Midlands company run by my friend Manie. She is a doula, birth coach and also sells a range of natural self healing products that help all the family. Manie was my doula at Daniel's birth and is a much trusted friend. I am very proud to be representing Opal Aura at BritMums Live.


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