Daniel at 6 Months

I realised the other day that I have not really given Daniel a blog post of his own since he has been born. I used to keep regular update posts for Thomas but am yet to start them with Daniel as I have been so busy. I have decided this has to change that so here is the lowdown on Daniel at 6 months:
  • He is still waking up once a night for a bottle feed usually around 2am! (I am hoping this stops soon #ZombieMum)
  • He loves his dummy and needs it to sleep at the moment, although we are hoping to get rid of it before he is 1 year old
  • He is very chilled out and only cries when hungry or tired
  • He loves having songs sung to him, especially by his big brother and his favourite is ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’
  • He loves his Jumperoo and will quite happily spend up to an hour in there at a time
  • He can roll over both ways
  • He signed ‘milk’ at 17 weeks and now understands the ‘food’ sign too
  • He makes lots of funny noises (sounds like a tiger!) and talks to himself a lot.
  • He is being weaned and seems to be enjoying his food. He likes the food out of the poaches but not in the jars. Fruit is his favourite at the moment
  • He smiles and laughes whenever he sees his big brother
  • He likes cuddles from anyone and will quite happily sit with other people
  • He enjoys watching what is going on in the world around him
Mummy, Daddy and Thomas love you very much Daniel. You are the most amazing little person and a wonderful addition to our family. We are very proud of you xx







My Two Weeks That Was (W/E 26th July 2014)

On Sunday, Daniel had his first yoghurt

On Monday, Thomas helped his great – nan blow out the candles on her birthday cake

On Tuesday, we went it a local garden centre and Thomas played in the playground

On Wednesday, I was so tired, I went it bed at 8.36pm!

On Thursday, Daniel showed off his new rolling over skills!
On Friday, we saw a poor ladybird being eaten by one of its foreign invader cousins
On Saturday, I rested my legs ready for lots of exercise the next day
On Sunday, I did a 10k Race For Life pushing Daniel in his pushchair

On Monday, Daniel had fun in the Stokke Steps at our local Kiddicare

On Tuesday, Thomas got hold of my phone camera and there were interesting results!

On Wednesday, Thomas made a potty training chart at nursery as we started him off at home on Tuesday

On Thursday, we received an exciting delivery from Mumchkin UK as I am a #LatchBlogger trying out their new range of bottles

On Friday, we chilled out a bit and had lots of fun in the garden!

On Saturday, I headed to London for my cousin's hen weekend. We saw a blue cock(eral!) in Trafalgar Square, which part of a modern art installation they have there, which changes every year or so



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