My Week That Was (W/E 22nd November 2014)


On Sunday, we went to our local Pizza Express for a review meal. Daniel was not very impressed wearing the chef’s hat!


On Monday, Thomas did his exercises!


On Tuesday, I attempted to take a selfie with Thomas & Daniel


On Wednesday I tried some new mug chocolate brownies from Baked In


On Thursday, I let Thomas and Daniel play with Play dough together. I must off been mad!


On Friday, I took a very bad photo of Daniel trying to crawl!


On Saturday, Daniel munched on crisps as I did the supermarket shop


The Week That Was Captured

A New Better You #ANBY Week 2 and 3: Time To Myself and My Fears!


I did not get chance to post last week so here are two posts in one. Firstly, here is what I like to do when I have time to myself:

  • A glass of wine and a bubble bath when the kids in bed
  • A chance to cook in the kitchen without Thomas running round
  • Watch ‘Love Actually’ – it’s my favourite girlie film!
  • Watch cooking programmes
  • Bake a cake without having to supervise a toddler at same time
  • Meet up with my friends and have a proper catch up
  • Have a lie in!
  • Go clothes shopping on my own
  • Go for a walk without having to push the pushchair


My Fears!

  • That I will not ever recover completely from having PND
  • That my dreams for next year will not happen and I will be still be a part time working mum instead of a full time professional blogger and social media consultant, working from home around Thomas and Daniel
  • Spiders!!
  • Heights!!

For more #ANBY inspiration please see A New Addition



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