I’m back!

Hello everyone! Sorry I disappeared and have hardly blogged for ages! We went on holiday to Coombe Mill and then when we returned life got a bit crazy with lots of freelance work, a broken down car, Stuart fractured a bone in his shoulder and I have just simply had lots to do!

The other reason why I have not been blogging so much on Jo’s Nursery is because I feel like the boys and I have outgrown it a little bit. Thomas is four now and will be going to school next year. Daniel will be in two in January and will be starting in the 2-3 year old room of Thomas’ preschool. I love this blog as it documents their early days and how we settled into life as a family of four. However, I want to write about more things than just parenting. I want to discuss current affairs, my life as a whole, not just as a mum and write more about travel and our attempts at improving our house and garden.

Therefore, in January 2016, Jo’s Nursery will stop being updated and I will start writing on a brand new blog which I will announce more details about soon. I will not be removing this blog and all posts will remain as it is a record of my pregnancies and Thomas/Daniel’s early years. However, before I move over to my new blog I will complete all reviews and other PR obligations that I have outstanding currently.

I would like to thank everyone for all their support and I hope you will keep reading when I move over to the new blog.

Don’t forget to keep reading my food blog, Jo’s Kitchen!

The adventures of Thomas, Daniel and I will continue for many years to come!


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