My Severn Weeks That Was (W/E 11th July 2015)

Hello everyone! Sorry I have not been around much recently. Life has been (and still is) a bit crazy! The last seven weeks have seen me celebrate my 30th birthday where I appeared in the local paper, thanks to my dad and Thomas made me a fairy princess birthday cake. Thomas has been learning to ride a bike, Daniel is growing up really fast too and is now walking, talking and into everything! Thomas and I had a day out together at Sycamore Adventure Centre and I went to the BBC Good Food Show Summer. Thomas breaks up from preschool for the summer on Thursday and I am really looking forward to our summer together as family.

What have you been up to recently?


The Week That Was Captured

My Week That Was (W/E 30th May 2015)

Last week, we to Dorset on holiday. It was just Thomas, Daniel and myself with a few other Mum’s and their children. We had a lovely time and the weather was pretty good. We did have to leave the holiday early though as Daniel came down with chicken pox and really was not himself at all. While we were there though, we went to Swanage and had fun on the beach and we went to Poole and saw all the boats in the harbour. I am now housebound with Daniel so I am catching up with blogging, emails and my massive to do list!

What have you been up to?

The Week That Was Captured





My Week That Was (W/E 23rd May 2015)

It's been another busy week here! A trip to a food festival with a park trip combined. Thomas had fun on the zip wire and enjoyed digging into chocolate ice cream. Daniel has been perfecting his walking and teaching himself how to eat yogurt (with messy results!) I have made my favourite comfort food cauliflower cheese and have been fighting off a cough and a cold!

Next week, the boys and I are off to Bournemouth with some other mum's and their children so we are looking forward to some adventures and Daddy is looking forward to a week of peace at home!

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What are you doing during Whitsun week?


The Week That Was Captured




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