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Project 365

My Week That Was (W/E 27th September 2014)

On Sunday, we went to Bewdley to see my Nan

On Monday, Thomas and Daniel enjoyed playing together

On Tuesday, I went to the #ShoesieTuesday event at Hotter Shoes in Solihull. I came away with these fabulous pair of shoes!

On Wednesday, Daniel and I went on a brunch date at a local cafe/deli

On Thursday, I made an enriched fruit loaf for the #greatbloggersbakeoff2014

On Friday, Daniel was very happy
On Saturday, we went to the pub and played in the garden for a bit. I forgot to take a photo. Silly me!!


My Three Weeks That Was (W/E 20th September 2014)

Sorry for the delay in between posts. I went on holiday and appear to have left my blogging mojo there! I am trying to find it and hope to be back with you properly soon :-)

Week 1 – Coombe Mill (more to follow in another post soon)

Week 2- Catching up after the holiday!

Week 3 – Back To Normal(ish!)




My Week That Was (W/E 30th August 2014)

On Sunday, I nearly forgot to take a photo so you have a bad photo of my bedroom wall!

On Monday, Daniel tried to play badminton with his brother

On Tuesday, Thomas made Peppa Pig biscuits

On Wednesday, Daniel fed himself yoghurt with a spoon

On Thursday, I had a gorgeous sleepy baby!


On Friday, we went out for a skittles night and Thomas and Daniel had lots of brotherly cuddles
On Saturday, we arrived at Coombe Mill for our holiday and instantly fell in love! :-)



My Week That Was (W/E 23rd August 2014)

On Sunday, I did the food shop with these two monkeys!

On Monday, we went to the seaside and Thomas had a ride on Bonny the donkey

On Tuesday, we went swimming and Thomas met his friends, Ben and Holly!

On Wednesday, Daniel tried some green beans

On Thursday, I made some ciabatta

On Friday, we visited friends and Thomas played on their large trampoline

On Saturday, we went to the pub










My Week That Was (W/E 9th August 2014)


On Sunday, I took a photo of the golf course at the hotel we stayed at the night before, using the Pano feature on my phone

On Monday, Thomas and I made a Peppa Pig cake

On Tuesday, we went to Pizza Hut and Daniel tried ice cream for the first time

On Wednesday, I tried some wine and chocolates from Thorntons while watching The Great British Bake Off

On Thursday, I had a go at making my own Swiss Roll. Unfortunately, it didn’t roll very well and ended up looking more like a ‘Swiss Sandwich!’
On Friday, we went to the park and Thomas went on a big boy swing
On Saturday, Stuart and Thomas fitted a washing line post holder in the garden. I hope the weather improves so I can start drying washing on the line!










My Week That Was (W/E 2nd August 2014)

On Sunday, we were still in London for my cousin's hen wedding so we went and visited some other relatives while we were there!

On Monday, Thomas was exhausted after his last toddler signing session before the summer break

On Tuesday, Thomas practised writing his name and got the first four letters nearly spot on. Clever boy!

On Wednesday, Daniel was the exhausted one after baby yoga!

On Thursday, I went and saw some of my friends who work at Kiddicare Merry Hill which will be closing soon. I feel so sorry for them :-(

On Friday, we went to Whitlenge Gardens in Hartlebury, Worcestershire. Thomas looks so big now in the standing stones


Yesterday, the hubby and I escaped for the night to a hotel for an early anniversary celebration. We took selfies while we were waited for our dinner in a local pub





My Two Weeks That Was (W/E 26th July 2014)

On Sunday, Daniel had his first yoghurt

On Monday, Thomas helped his great – nan blow out the candles on her birthday cake

On Tuesday, we went it a local garden centre and Thomas played in the playground

On Wednesday, I was so tired, I went it bed at 8.36pm!

On Thursday, Daniel showed off his new rolling over skills!
On Friday, we saw a poor ladybird being eaten by one of its foreign invader cousins
On Saturday, I rested my legs ready for lots of exercise the next day
On Sunday, I did a 10k Race For Life pushing Daniel in his pushchair

On Monday, Daniel had fun in the Stokke Steps at our local Kiddicare

On Tuesday, Thomas got hold of my phone camera and there were interesting results!

On Wednesday, Thomas made a potty training chart at nursery as we started him off at home on Tuesday

On Thursday, we received an exciting delivery from Mumchkin UK as I am a #LatchBlogger trying out their new range of bottles

On Friday, we chilled out a bit and had lots of fun in the garden!

On Saturday, I headed to London for my cousin's hen weekend. We saw a blue cock(eral!) in Trafalgar Square, which part of a modern art installation they have there, which changes every year or so



My Week That Was (W/E 12th July 2014)

On Sunday, Thomas found Nanny's dominio cup and declared himself the winner!

On Monday, Thomas fell in love with a balance bike at Kiddicare but unfortunately, they had none left in store so….

On Tuesday, we had an exciting delivery!

On Wednesday, we took it for the first bike ride on our way home from nursery

On Thursday, I had a small ice cream sundae!

On Friday, I made starry fruit pockets. Recipe will be on my food blog next week
On Saturday, Daniel turned 6 months old and we went to a friend's wedding reception. I took this photo just before we left to go to the wedding reception. They both look like they have had an electric shock or something!



My Week That Was (W/E 5th July 2014)

On Sunday, we went to a farm and Thomas gave a lamb a bottle of milk

On Monday, I attempted to get Thomas to eat more vegetables by making green dinosaur toast with peas and broad beans. It failed as Thomas just ate the toast and left the ‘green stuff!’

On Tuesday, we went to the park and fed the ducks

On Wednesday, Daniel was all jumped out!
On Thursday, I made strawberry and lime cheesecake pots. Check out my food blog for the recipe later today
On Friday, I was home alone so I tried some of this chocolate pizza
On Saturday, Thomas enjoyed playing in the pub beer garden with Owen and Brendon. They raced round on their scooter and bikes








My Two Weeks That Was (W/E 28th June 2014)

On Sunday, we went to Bewdley. Thomas and Grandad had fun by the river

On Tuesday, Daniel the builder fixed everything!
On Wednesday, Thomas raced away on his scooter coming back from nursery
On Thursday, Daniel learnt how to turn round on his play mat!
On Friday, I went to London for BritMums Live
On Saturday, I was still at BritMums Live
On Sunday, Thomas watered his Nanny’s plants
On Monday, I made some belated birthday cakes for myself (it was my birthday while I was in London)
On Tuesday, we went to a splash pad at Brinton Park in Kidderminster
On Wednesday, Thomas modelled his new Aston Villa kit
On Thursday, we picked the first strawberry out of our garden
On Friday, Daniel tested out a Jumperoo at Kiddicare

Yesterday, we went to Birmingham and watched the dragon boat racing in Brindleyplace

















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