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My Two Weeks That Was (W/E 5th April 2014)

On Sunday, I put Daniel in jeans for the first time

On Monday, Thomas helped me with the housework

On Tuesday, we went to the GMAC (home of gymnastics in Birmingham), they have a toddler free play session where children can play on full sized gym equipment. Thomas love jumping in the crash pads!

On Wednesday, I took Daniel to mother & baby yoga. He was exhausted at the end!

On Thursday, we stayed at home while Thomas went to nursery

On Friday, Daniel turned into Mickey Mouse

On Saturday, playing made Daniel very tired

On Sunday, I ate a very large ice cream

On Monday, the daffodils appeared in our garden

On Tuesday, Thomas became 'Tractor Tom' at Sandwell Valley Park

Wednesday was another tiring day for Daniel

On Thursday, I had my favourite cauliflower cheese for lunch

On Friday, I had lots of cuddles with a teething Daniel

Today, we have been to see the new Penguin Ice Adventure at Sealife Centre in Birmingham



My Week That Was (W/E 22nd March 2014)

On Sunday, we discovered that Thomas already has the attitude of a rock star!

On Monday, we went to our local Kiddicare and Thomas played on the Lego table

On Tuesday, I introduced Daniel to Tom & Jerry

On Wednesday, we went out for our first meal together since Daniel was born. It was at Edmunds in Birmingham. I had toffee soufflé with bitter chocolate ice cream for pudding

On Thursday, Daniel was awake most of the night due to constipation and teething. I spent most of the night awake too so we had a very sleepy Thursday zzzzzzzzzzz

On Friday, I officially came down with one of the many bugs that are going around so cue, baby pic no 1!

On Saturday, I was still ill so here is baby pic no 2!

PS: I have not forgotten how to do normal blog posts! I have lots of reviews and other interesting posts to share, however due to exhaustion and general illness in the house, I have not had the time or the energy. I hope to rectify this during the coming week :-)



My Week That Was (W/E 15th March 2014)

On Sunday, we went to Bewdley to see my nan. Thomas decided to jump in puddles like Peppa Pig when we went for a walk in the fields nearby

On Monday, we had our hair cut and Thomas decorated cakes with his great-nan

On Tuesday, we went to the park in the sunshine. Thomas went on the running machine. He did not want to leave when it was time to go home!

On Wednesday, Thomas looked much older when he came out of nursery with his bag on his back

On Thursday, we took an impromptu trip to the park after nursery. Here is Thomas on the slide just before it went dark

On Friday, Thomas gave Daniel lots of cuddles in our bed

Today, we have been to the pub with grandad Mick


My Week That Was (W/E 8th March 2014)

On Sunday, we went shopping and I took Thomas to McDonald's for lunch for a treat. Thomas and Daniel both got balloons. Daniel did a very good job of looking after them!

On Monday, we went to toddler signing and to my MIL's. Here is Daniel before we went out for the day

On Tuesday, we ate lots of pancakes!!

On Wednesday, Stuart's car went into the garage to be mended so we got a new Audi A4 to drive for a couple of days. It was lovely. I want one!!

On Thursday, Thomas went to nursery as Incey Wincey Spider for World Book Day

On Friday, Thomas did some housework!

Today, Daniel is 8 weeks old. Where did that time go?




My Week That Was (W/E 1st March 2014)

On Sunday, Thomas tried a Krispy Kreme doughnut for the first time

On Monday, I had a bad day with everyone being ill in the house and my friend Becci very kindly brought me some chocolate to make me feel better

On Tuesday, we went to soft play and Thomas played with his friend Pippa

On Wednesday, I had a really busy day so only got chance to get this quick photo of Daniel

On Thursday, Thomas made a pig biscuit at nursery
On Friday, Daniei had lots of cuddles with my friend Kristina

Today, Daniel has enjoyed even more cuddles with Grandad Mick (my Dad)






My Two Weeks That Was (W/E 22nd February 2014)

On Sunday, we went to Bewdley in Worcestershire to visit my nan. Here is a field near her chalet which was flooded

On Monday, I nearly forgot to take a photo so here is Daniel, just before bedtime

On Tuesday, we went to Webbs of Wynchbold near Droitwich. Thomas enjoyed looking at this artwork near the entrance

On Wednesday, I had a relaxing day at home with Daniel while Thomas was at nursery

On Thursday, I went shopping and had a small snack while I was out!

On Friday, Thomas helped to look after Daniel and gave him lots of cuddles!

On Saturday, it was my turn in the #teamhonkrelay. I took the baton from Worcester to Bearwood, West Birmingham using my car and the bus. Daniel was the youngest member of the relay at 5 weeks old

On Sunday, we went and visited my nan and Thomas played with a pram that used to be mine!

On Monday, we went to the supermarket and had cake and coffee afterwards for a treat!

On Tuesday, we went to soft play party put on by our local NCT group

On Wednesday, Thomas was tired (and slightly grumpy !) after nursery

On Thursday, Thomas helped us bath Daniel

On Friday, we went to a friend's house and Thomas dressed up as a fireman

Yesterday, Daniel turned 6 weeks old. He is really starting to be more observant now. Here he is looking at the toys on his car seat

Linking up to Project 365 on The Boy And Me and The Week That Was Captured on Make Do And Push!


My Week That Was (W/E 8th February 2014)

On Sunday, we stayed at home all day due to having a bad night with Daniel

On Monday, I made a recipe from the new Hairy Biker's cookbook called Tonkatsu Pork. It was delicious!

On Tursday, we tried out our new way of getting round. Thomas loved the buggy board!

On Wednesday, I nearly forgot to take a photo so cue a sleeping baby photo!

On Thursday, Thomas did a painting at nursery

On Friday, we went to the pub and I had a glass of my favourite cider

Today, Daniel the dinosaur is 4 weeks old!




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