My Five Weeks That Was (W/E 16th May 2015)

Sorry I have not been round much recently. I need more hours in the day to get everything done (and most importantly, sleep!) Daniel has been teething like crazy and we have all had coughs/colds. We have still been quite busy though. I spoke at Blog on MOSI in Manchester, made a birthday cake for Stuart, enjoyed the sunshine with trips to the park and watched Daniel turn from a baby into a toddler! He is still mastering walking but he can crawl and climb with the best of them! Nowhere is safe LOL! Thomas is growing up more each day too and loves playing superheroes and helping me in the kitchen or pushing his little brother on the swing!

This is a very brief summary as to what we have been up to. What you have you been doing?


The Week That Was Captured


Wicked Wednesday’s – 13th May 2015




This week, Thomas has learnt how to switch on the camera in my iPhone from when the phone is in standby mode. He knows that if he flicks the screen up, the camera comes on and if he presses the white button on the screen, he can take photos. Unfortunately, he discovered this when I gave him my phone when I nipped to the toilet after him while we were out. Cue lots of photos of me on the toilet on my phone memory! I am sharing this because I do want you to make the same mistake as me and give your toddler your phone to ‘look after’ while you are sorting out a call of nature for yourself!

An unexpected joy of parenthood eh?

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