A Visit To Birmingham Botanical Gardens

A Visit To Birmingham Botanical Gardens
During February half term, we were invited as a family to visit Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Despite living about twenty minutes from it my entire life and attending university five minutes away from it, I had actually never visited the botanical gardens before. Unfortunately on the day we went, it was raining so we were not able to explore the outside as much as we would of liked. We still had lots of fun though. As it was half term, they had extra children’s activities in the gallery so Thomas had his face painted (as Captain America!), coloured in a caterpillar and listening to three stories being read to him by a bumble bee and a butterfly.
Birmingham Botanical Gardens
Birmingham Botanical Gardens
After one of the stories, the bumble bee and butterfly encouraged all the children to go into one of the glasshouse’s and hunt for minibeasts. They were big and plastic and very easy to spot so the children, especially Thomas loved it. Once we returned to the gallery, the children were encouraged to discuss what the minibeasts were and had another story. Once it had finished, we set off to explore the glasshouses and the gardens.
Birmingham Botanical Gardens
Bimingham Botanical gardens
On our walk around the glasshouses, we saw giant lemons, pineapples growing and lots of Koi Carp. Thomas really enjoyed exploring them and was running around trying to find out what interested him next and what he could take Stuart and I to see.
Birmingham Botanical Gardens
Bimingham Botanical Gardens
Despite the weather being bad, we did get a bit of respite from the rain so that we could enjoy the gardens a bit. There is a massive play area that Thomas would of loved if it was not raining, however he did enjoy seeing the birds and climbing a viewing tower. After exploring outside a bit, we went in the cafe for some lunch as it had started raining again. This was the only negative aspect of the whole day for us, although there was nothing wrong with food as such, it was not amazing and very pricey. It nearly £25 for all of us to eat and that was with the kids having sandwich boxes and us having jacket potatoes!
We are already planning a return visit in the summer with a picnic so that we can enjoy the grounds fully and see the Butterfly house, which was closed when we visited. I recommend this place as a good day out for the school holidays. We enjoyed it and hope you will too!
Find out more information about the Children’s Easter Fun at the Botanical Gardens please see here.

My Two Weeks That Was (W/E 21st March 2015)

Week 1

Sorry I have been a quiet again. Here is a catch up of what we have been doing the last couple of weeks!

The first week was very busy as it involved making, decorating and eating cake!

Thomas had his first Mother’s Day service at preschool (I was nearly in tears!)

And, I had a rare night out seeing my favourite Meatloaf tribute band

Week 2

The second week involved the little cow toy I was given for Mother’s Day moving onto its new home at my desk at work

I made even more cake! (Recipe here)

Thomas and Daniel played outside in for garden for the first time together this year

We went to West Midlands Safari Park

And finally Thomas disappeared but was replaced by Spider-Man!

What have you been doing?


The Week That Was Captured



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