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Wicked Wednesdays – 17th December 2014

 Thomas in his navity
The I am going to stick my tongue out during my nativity play photo!

Wicked Wednesdays

Wicked Wednesdays – 10th December 2014

Why are all your soft play photos always really blurry?

Wicked Wednesdays



Wicked Wednesdays – 3rd December 2014

The 'I am really happy to see Santa' photo!


Wicked Wednesdays



Wicked Wednesdays – 19th November 2014

bad selfie 1

bad selfie 2

bad selfie 3

Poor attempts at taking a selfie with Thomas and Daniel!

Wicked Wednesdays

Wicked Wednesdays: 12th November 2014

puddle jumping

Peppa Pig has got a lot to answer for!

Wicked Wednesdays

Wicked Wednesdays: 5th November 2014

It's all too much for some…


Wicked Wednesdays: 29th October 2014

What happens after a long day at Thomas Land for your 3rd Birthday treat!



My Month That Was (October 2014)

Sorry I have not been around much lately. My blogging mojo took a nosedive and I have really been struggling finding the energy to write posts. I have forgotten to take photos on some days so have broken my project 365 in my third year. I will still keep doing weekly posts however there may not be a photo for every day of every week. Here is a brief look at our last month in the photos below.

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I will be back in the next couple of days with another post and exciting giveaway!

Jo xx



Wicked Wednesdays: 22nd October 2014



Country Kids: A Week At Coombe Mill

A few weeks ago, we had the time of our lives at Coombe Mill. It was our first holiday as a family of four and although it did not really feel like a ‘holiday’ as I used to know them (lying on a beach LOL!), it was amazing making memories together as a family. Fiona, Nick and their children have created an unforgettable amazing place and we can wait to go back again next year! The rest of this post is very photo heavy as I cannot put into words how much fun we had so I will mostly let the photos do the talking:

On our first full day on the farm, we saw Sally the pig give birth to her 11 piglets

We enjoyed finding eggs every day and then eating them for a late breakfast when we got back to our lodge

Thomas nicknamed these goats ‘Thomas and Daniel’
Thomas and his toy monkey made friends with the rabbits
And the baby chicks!
Thomas liked the deer once he was told they help Santa bring his Christmas presents!
A few more animal pictures!
Warming up the seat for Farmer Ted!
Driving the tractor with Farmer Nick!
Off on the feed run with daddy!
Trying to pull the sword out of the stone!
Having an indoor BBQ with new friends
Daniel having fun on the swing
Thomas on the zip wire
On the train
Our Coombe Mill ‘home’ – Trevarno
Jumping into the River Camel which runs through Coombe Mill
Building sandcastles on Daymer Beach
Visiting the jungle and seeing the dinosaurs at the Eden Project
At the end of week, Thomas asked if we could ‘stay a bit longer’ and he talks quite a bit about the farm now. We wholeheartedly recommend Coombe Mill if you have not been already. It is perfect for families with young children. I hope to see you there!





























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