My Week That Was (W/E 23rd August 2014)

On Sunday, I did the food shop with these two monkeys!

On Monday, we went to the seaside and Thomas had a ride on Bonny the donkey

On Tuesday, we went swimming and Thomas met his friends, Ben and Holly!

On Wednesday, Daniel tried some green beans

On Thursday, I made some ciabatta

On Friday, we visited friends and Thomas played on their large trampoline

On Saturday, we went to the pub










Country Kids – A Day At The Seaside!

Last Monday, it was our 2nd wedding anniversary and as Stuart was off work, we decided to go to the seaside for the day. Thomas has been wanting to go to the seaside for ages. (We last went when he was about 18 months old and he does not remember it.) A few months ago at his nursery, they boarded an imaginary bus and went to the seaside and since then, he has been obsessed with going.
We decided to go to Barmouth, Mid Wales as Stuart has fond memories of going there as a child. When we arrived, Thomas insisted on going straight to the ‘seaside’ (the beach and sea), I tried to explain to him that the entire place was the seaside but he did not understand. Stuart and Thomas battled the strong wind and the cold and went for a dip in the sea. I watched from the beach with a tired Daniel who did not really like the wind.
After the dip in the sea, we went to the town in search of lunch and a bucket and spade for Thomas. We returned to the beach later on so Thomas could ride a donkey and build some sandcastles. Thomas really enjoyed his ride on Bonny (the donkey) and he described it as ‘wibbly wobbly’ when I asked him. Thomas in the end, got bored of building sandcastles and just dug a hole instead!
We left at about 6pm with two very tired children and two very tired parents. It was fantastic day and despite the strong wind, the weather was perfect. We are now even more excited for our holiday at Coombe Mill next week!










Wicked Wednesdays: 20th August 2014

The moment when you are in the supermarket and you are trying to record your children’s first time together in the big shopping trolley seats and your eldest shouts ‘cheese’ at the top of his voice and everyone turns round to look at what you are doing…..

I wonder if they thought he was shouting the shopping list to me!



My Week That Was (W/E 16th August 2014)


On Sunday, Daniei discovered that HappyLand figures are good as teething aids

On Monday, we went to the park and Daniel went on a swing for the first time

On Tuesday, we went on the Severn Valley Railway to Bridgnorth. This is the war memorial in the town park with the British flag at half mast next to it

On Wednesday, Daniel sent porridge everywhere and looked very pleased with himself too!

On Thursday, I made nut free Florentines

On Friday, Daniel tried teddy bear weaning!

On Saturday, Thomas enjoyed playing with a friend's plastic bow and arrow




Product Review: Britax B-Motion 3 Pushchair

Over the past couple of months, we have been testing out the Britax B -Motion 3 pushchair. The pushchair is unlike any other pushchair I have used before as it has three wheels and is suitable across many types of terrain. I have broken the review up into different sections below to make sure I cover everything and give it the excellent review it deserves. The B-Motion 3 was awarded a Which Best Buy Award in 2013 and after a couple of months of using it, I can really see why.

Initial Impressions

The pushchair was delivered in large box and was mostly constructed. All I had to do was click three wheels into place, attach the hood and adjust the straps to the lowest baby setting. I was able to set it up within 30 minutes from straight out the box to ready for it’s first ride, while looking after Thomas and Daniel at the same time.

First Trip Out

We took it for a short walk once it was ready to go. The five point safety harness is easy to put the child into and it feels very safe and secure. Daniel went to sleep straight away in it so it must be comfortable. The pushchair lies flat making it suitable for newborns. Daniel’s longest nap has been 3 and 1/2 hours in it so he must like it. I was immediately impressed with how light and easy it was to push. I could push it while holding Thomas’ hand or helping him with his scooter or balance bike. The large hood/chunky handle makes it perfect to hold scooters and balance bikes as shown above.

The Shopping Test

The B-Motion 3 has a quite deceiving in size shopping basket. At first glance, you think that you are not going to get much in it, however once you start putting stuff in, I was quite surprised at how much I was able to store underneath. My Mia Tui changing bag is too large to go underneath so I have been using a buggy clip to attach it to the handle. The pushchair is very stable and is able to cope excellently with the weight of my changing bag without any threat of toppling over. When shopping in clothes shops for example, you can occasionally get stuck with it as the front is narrower than the back so you have to watch out as you get the front through but then have to reverse back out as the real wheels are stuck. I imagine this is a problem with most three-wheelers though.

The All Weather Test

The B-Motion 3 comes with its own raincover and it is very easy to fit. It is not fitted quite correctly in the photo above but you get the right idea. The pushchair also has an extendable hood with netting in the middle. This netting is for ventilation and although I can see its uses, I would much prefer a hood that was solid with perhaps two smaller ventilation panels that were covered, which you could open up when needed. There is one covered ventilation/viewing panel on the rear of the hood already which is very useful. Another panel is the extending part of the hood would be more useful to me than just one large ventilation panel that you cannot cover up. What do you think?

The Big Brother Test

Thomas (who will be 3 years old at end of October) no longer needs a pushchair unless we are going longer distances. We normally use a buggy board for him. However, due to the large wheels it is quite difficult to get a buggy board attached onto the frame. The gap between the handle and the hood is only just big enough for a toddler’s head. Therefore, I would not recommend this pushchair if you do need a buggy board. We generally just take the bike or the scooter with us now or Thomas just walks. Thomas has sat in the pushchair as you can see above to test it out. The B-Motion 3 is suitable up to 17kg (approx 4 years old). I do not use the bumper bar with Daniel but think I would fit it if Thomas was in it regularly, just to hold him in a bit more. He likes it but it is Daniel who is in the pushchair most of the time.

The Car Boot Test
The pushchair has a one handed fold mechanism. You push the grey button on the side of the pushchair up and in and then pull the black handle (underneath where your child sits) to fold. The pushchair folds exactly in half as you can see in my car boot above. The pushchair is quite heavy for me to carry in and out of the car, however as it is light to push, I will forgive it being a bit heavy to carry as it means it is very study and robust.

The Countryside Test
With its large air filled tyres, the B-Motion 3 can deal with the majority of terrain our countryside has to offer. I tested it over gravel, mid, long grass, cattle grids and uneven country roads. The pushchair dealt with it with relative ease. I used the locking front wheel to help get it over the cattle grid above. Occasionally we did get a tiny bit stuck though as sometimes the bigger real wheels can get over stuff while the front wheel gets stuck. To counteract this, I just pulled the pushchair on its back wheels. It made the ride slightly uncomfortable for Daniel but he did not seem to mind. He smiled and laughed throughout.
The Race For Life Test


A few weeks ago, I did a 10km (about 6 miles) Race For Life. I pushed Daniel in the pushchair for most of the 10km. My mom did 1km with it as I was getting tired. The B-Motion 3 was a dream to push throughout and dealt very easily with the varied terrain at the venue.



Overall, we are very impressed with the B-Motion 3 and I would not hesitate to recommend it to any of my friends who are looking for a pushchair. It comes with adapters so you can fit Britax car seats on the frame, making it the perfect pushchair solution for people who do not want to bother with full travel systems. It is not parent facing, however if you want something that can deal with trips to the countryside, running, a trip to the shops that does not take up loads of space in the boot then I really do not think you can do any better than the B-Motion 3.

Disclosure: we were sent a B-Motion 3 for the purposes of this review. All opinions are our own. We were not required to write a positive review.






















Wicked Wednesdays: 13th August 2014


Day out with the family = one tired grumpy toddler!




My Week That Was (W/E 9th August 2014)


On Sunday, I took a photo of the golf course at the hotel we stayed at the night before, using the Pano feature on my phone

On Monday, Thomas and I made a Peppa Pig cake

On Tuesday, we went to Pizza Hut and Daniel tried ice cream for the first time

On Wednesday, I tried some wine and chocolates from Thorntons while watching The Great British Bake Off

On Thursday, I had a go at making my own Swiss Roll. Unfortunately, it didn’t roll very well and ended up looking more like a ‘Swiss Sandwich!’
On Friday, we went to the park and Thomas went on a big boy swing
On Saturday, Stuart and Thomas fitted a washing line post holder in the garden. I hope the weather improves so I can start drying washing on the line!










My Week That Was (W/E 2nd August 2014)

On Sunday, we were still in London for my cousin's hen wedding so we went and visited some other relatives while we were there!

On Monday, Thomas was exhausted after his last toddler signing session before the summer break

On Tuesday, Thomas practised writing his name and got the first four letters nearly spot on. Clever boy!

On Wednesday, Daniel was the exhausted one after baby yoga!

On Thursday, I went and saw some of my friends who work at Kiddicare Merry Hill which will be closing soon. I feel so sorry for them :-(

On Friday, we went to Whitlenge Gardens in Hartlebury, Worcestershire. Thomas looks so big now in the standing stones


Yesterday, the hubby and I escaped for the night to a hotel for an early anniversary celebration. We took selfies while we were waited for our dinner in a local pub





Wicked Wednesdays – 30th July 2014

You must wear wellies when you are potty training!




Daniel at 6 Months

I realised the other day that I have not really given Daniel a blog post of his own since he has been born. I used to keep regular update posts for Thomas but am yet to start them with Daniel as I have been so busy. I have decided this has to change that so here is the lowdown on Daniel at 6 months:
  • He is still waking up once a night for a bottle feed usually around 2am! (I am hoping this stops soon #ZombieMum)
  • He loves his dummy and needs it to sleep at the moment, although we are hoping to get rid of it before he is 1 year old
  • He is very chilled out and only cries when hungry or tired
  • He loves having songs sung to him, especially by his big brother and his favourite is ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’
  • He loves his Jumperoo and will quite happily spend up to an hour in there at a time
  • He can roll over both ways
  • He signed ‘milk’ at 17 weeks and now understands the ‘food’ sign too
  • He makes lots of funny noises (sounds like a tiger!) and talks to himself a lot.
  • He is being weaned and seems to be enjoying his food. He likes the food out of the poaches but not in the jars. Fruit is his favourite at the moment
  • He smiles and laughes whenever he sees his big brother
  • He likes cuddles from anyone and will quite happily sit with other people
  • He enjoys watching what is going on in the world around him
Mummy, Daddy and Thomas love you very much Daniel. You are the most amazing little person and a wonderful addition to our family. We are very proud of you xx







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