I am a Mummy

Mother's Day this year has taken on a new meaning for me. On Monday, just before he went to bed, Thomas called me 'Mummy' for the first time. He is 16 months old. He like most children said 'dada' first at around six months old and a few months later, the odd 'mama' started coming out too. I have been encouraging him to say 'mummy' since.

This is my second Mother's Day. I always thought my first ever Mother's Day would be most significant but actually I think it is going to be this one. Thomas now knows who I am and that I will come and help/cuddle/support him whenever he needs me too.

Since becoming a Mummy, I have changed for the better. I appreciate the small things in life now. I have enjoyed every moment with Thomas from the first smile, the first tooth, first food, first steps, and even managed to enjoy the (horrendous) first haircut experience! Thomas is changing every day now at an alarming fast rate and I am enjoying every second of it.

This Mother's Day and every other day for that matter, I will get to cuddle and kiss my son and tell him how much he means to me. Some other Mummy's like Jennie from Edspire are not able to do that anymore with their child as they are shining stars in heaven looking down on us all. Because of this, I urge you this Mother's Day to enjoy being a mummy, enjoy being with your children and remember those Mummy's who are less fortunate than ourselves.

To donate to the Bliss fund in memory of Jennie's daughter, Matilda Mae please see here.



Are there playground rules?

As a first time Mum of one, I am learning things all the time. As the sun has finally come out and Thomas can sit up completely stable on his own now, we have started visiting our local park’s playground regularly to go on the swings. Apart from when I was a child, I have not been on a playground at all really and I have no idea what rules there are or if there are any at all.

By rules, I do not mean about dropping litter or things like that. The rules I am referring to is how do you know when it is your turn to go on the equipment or can you stop a child from going on something if they have been on it for ages, just to let your child have a quick go on the slide for example?

The reason I am asking these questions is because, a few weeks ago, we went to a busy local park and waited in the queue to go on the swings. After a few minutes, a child got out of the swing so I went to get Thomas out of the pushchair and put him in the swing. In the 20 seconds, it took me to get him out, a Father and his 3 year old or so daughter ran across the playground and jumped in the swing. I just stood there and did not know what to do next. A Dad on the next swing noticed my plight and took his son out of the swing to let Thomas have a go. I had been standing there about 7 minutes by this point so was very happy Thomas finally got a go. The other dad and his daughter never looked up or said anything. They stayed on the swing for a few minutes and then ran back across the playground. No acknowledgement at all.

What should I have done? Should I have said something to the Father about taking Thomas’ turn or not? Are they any things I should know before I take Thomas to the playground again? Help and advice is appreciated. Thank you

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