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My Week That Was (W/E 13th December 2014)

On Sunday, we spent the day as home as we were all suffering with bugs!

On Monday, I had to finally start admitting that my baby isn't going to be a baby for much longer *sob*

On Tuesday, I made goose fat roast potatoes in my new Actifry.

On Wednesday, Thomas was a snowman in his nursery Christmas play

On Thursday, we put our Christmas tree up

On Friday, it all got too much for some zzzzzzzz

On Saturday, I appeared in an article in the Express and Star


The Week That Was Captured



My Week That Was (W/E 22nd November 2014)


On Sunday, we went to our local Pizza Express for a review meal. Daniel was not very impressed wearing the chef’s hat!


On Monday, Thomas did his exercises!


On Tuesday, I attempted to take a selfie with Thomas & Daniel


On Wednesday I tried some new mug chocolate brownies from Baked In


On Thursday, I let Thomas and Daniel play with Play dough together. I must off been mad!


On Friday, I took a very bad photo of Daniel trying to crawl!


On Saturday, Daniel munched on crisps as I did the supermarket shop


The Week That Was Captured

My Week That Was (W/E 15th November 2014)

On Sunday, we went shopping and discovered that Daniel’s first tooth was starting to come through!
On Monday, Daniel got very excited over mega blocks!

On Tuesday, I had a busy day at work and forgot to take a photo

On Wednesday I made slow cooker beef goulash for the first time. It was delicious!
On Thursday, Thomas enjoyed licking the spatula after helping me make some cakes for our local NCT Nearly New Sale
On Friday, I went to the Marco Pierre White Steakhouse and Grill on the 25th floor of The Cube in Birmingham. I had the most amazing Christmas dinner ever!

On Saturday, I took a very quick picture of my Rocky Road on display at the NCT Nearly New Sale

As ever, I am linking to The Boy & Me’s Project 365 and Make Do and Push! My Week That Was Captured

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My Week That Was (W/E 8th November 2014)

On Sunday, I made a spooky carrot soup

On Monday, Thomas was exhausted after a morning at nursery

On Tuesday, we ate this small chocolate cake at work at it was one of my colleague's birthday

On Wednesday, Thomas watched the fireworks in his own strange way!

On Thursday, we went to a group called 'Mucky Pups'. Thomas had lots of fun painting the fireworks he had seen the night before

On Friday I forgot to take a picture but we had lots of fun with friends

On Saturday, Daniel turned 10 months old




My Week That Was (W/E 1st November 2014)

On Sunday, we had Thomas' 3rd birthday party. I made him a Ben the Elf and Gaston the ladybird cake (from Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom)

On Monday, I went back to work after 11 months of maternity leave. Here is the obligatory first time going to nursery together picture.
On Tuesday, I tested out my new crockpot food warmer at work. You can read my review here

On Wednesday, (Thomas' birthday) Daniel had his first chocolate button. He was very pleased as you can see!

On Thursday, Thomas was SuperMan!

On Friday, Thomas was SpiderMan and decorated Halloween cupcakes

On Saturday, Daniel said 'Da-Da' as his first work. Daddy was very happy!




The Week That Was Captured



My Month That Was (October 2014)

Sorry I have not been around much lately. My blogging mojo took a nosedive and I have really been struggling finding the energy to write posts. I have forgotten to take photos on some days so have broken my project 365 in my third year. I will still keep doing weekly posts however there may not be a photo for every day of every week. Here is a brief look at our last month in the photos below.

If you would like to follow our daily family adventures, don't forget to follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

I will be back in the next couple of days with another post and exciting giveaway!

Jo xx



My Week That Was (W/E 27th September 2014)

On Sunday, we went to Bewdley to see my Nan

On Monday, Thomas and Daniel enjoyed playing together

On Tuesday, I went to the #ShoesieTuesday event at Hotter Shoes in Solihull. I came away with these fabulous pair of shoes!

On Wednesday, Daniel and I went on a brunch date at a local cafe/deli

On Thursday, I made an enriched fruit loaf for the #greatbloggersbakeoff2014

On Friday, Daniel was very happy
On Saturday, we went to the pub and played in the garden for a bit. I forgot to take a photo. Silly me!!


My Three Weeks That Was (W/E 20th September 2014)

Sorry for the delay in between posts. I went on holiday and appear to have left my blogging mojo there! I am trying to find it and hope to be back with you properly soon :-)

Week 1 – Coombe Mill (more to follow in another post soon)

Week 2- Catching up after the holiday!

Week 3 – Back To Normal(ish!)




My Week That Was (W/E 30th August 2014)

On Sunday, I nearly forgot to take a photo so you have a bad photo of my bedroom wall!

On Monday, Daniel tried to play badminton with his brother

On Tuesday, Thomas made Peppa Pig biscuits

On Wednesday, Daniel fed himself yoghurt with a spoon

On Thursday, I had a gorgeous sleepy baby!


On Friday, we went out for a skittles night and Thomas and Daniel had lots of brotherly cuddles
On Saturday, we arrived at Coombe Mill for our holiday and instantly fell in love! :-)



My Week That Was (W/E 23rd August 2014)

On Sunday, I did the food shop with these two monkeys!

On Monday, we went to the seaside and Thomas had a ride on Bonny the donkey

On Tuesday, we went swimming and Thomas met his friends, Ben and Holly!

On Wednesday, Daniel tried some green beans

On Thursday, I made some ciabatta

On Friday, we visited friends and Thomas played on their large trampoline

On Saturday, we went to the pub










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