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Wicked Wednesdays – 19th November 2014

bad selfie 1

bad selfie 2

bad selfie 3

Poor attempts at taking a selfie with Thomas and Daniel!

Wicked Wednesdays

Wicked Wednesdays: 12th November 2014

puddle jumping

Peppa Pig has got a lot to answer for!

Wicked Wednesdays

Wicked Wednesdays: 5th November 2014

It's all too much for some…


Wicked Wednesdays: 29th October 2014

What happens after a long day at Thomas Land for your 3rd Birthday treat!



My Month That Was (October 2014)

Sorry I have not been around much lately. My blogging mojo took a nosedive and I have really been struggling finding the energy to write posts. I have forgotten to take photos on some days so have broken my project 365 in my third year. I will still keep doing weekly posts however there may not be a photo for every day of every week. Here is a brief look at our last month in the photos below.

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I will be back in the next couple of days with another post and exciting giveaway!

Jo xx



Wicked Wednesdays: 22nd October 2014



Country Kids: A Week At Coombe Mill

A few weeks ago, we had the time of our lives at Coombe Mill. It was our first holiday as a family of four and although it did not really feel like a ‘holiday’ as I used to know them (lying on a beach LOL!), it was amazing making memories together as a family. Fiona, Nick and their children have created an unforgettable amazing place and we can wait to go back again next year! The rest of this post is very photo heavy as I cannot put into words how much fun we had so I will mostly let the photos do the talking:

On our first full day on the farm, we saw Sally the pig give birth to her 11 piglets

We enjoyed finding eggs every day and then eating them for a late breakfast when we got back to our lodge

Thomas nicknamed these goats ‘Thomas and Daniel’
Thomas and his toy monkey made friends with the rabbits
And the baby chicks!
Thomas liked the deer once he was told they help Santa bring his Christmas presents!
A few more animal pictures!
Warming up the seat for Farmer Ted!
Driving the tractor with Farmer Nick!
Off on the feed run with daddy!
Trying to pull the sword out of the stone!
Having an indoor BBQ with new friends
Daniel having fun on the swing
Thomas on the zip wire
On the train
Our Coombe Mill ‘home’ – Trevarno
Jumping into the River Camel which runs through Coombe Mill
Building sandcastles on Daymer Beach
Visiting the jungle and seeing the dinosaurs at the Eden Project
At the end of week, Thomas asked if we could ‘stay a bit longer’ and he talks quite a bit about the farm now. We wholeheartedly recommend Coombe Mill if you have not been already. It is perfect for families with young children. I hope to see you there!





























Doing The #BritainsDriestNappy Test With Pampers!

When I first had Thomas, we tried a variety of different nappies to see which were best for us. We wanted quick absorption of liquids, no leakage and a comfortable fit. After intensive testing, we discovered that Thomas got nappy rash in most brands apart from Pampers as the others did not soak the urine up quick enough. We have not looked back since. Thomas has been Pampers every day up until two months ago when we potty trained him. Daniel has been in Pampers since the day he was born too and I have not tried another nappy on him as I know Pampers are the best for us.

I knew Pampers nappies were good but I did not know how good until I took the #Britainsdriestnappy test. We were sent a pack of Active Fit nappies in size 3 + to review and do the test with. To do the test, I had to:

Pour 150ml (equivalent to 3 baby wee’s) of water onto the nappy in the middle where the baby bottom usually is

Wait 1 minute and 30 seconds

Then put a piece of kitchen roll on top and press gently. No wetness should appear on the kitchen roll. The nappy should have absorbed it all.

I then cut the nappy in half with scissors so I could see all the micro pearls inside that had absorbed the water.

I have always been impressed with Pampers and are now even more impressed than what I was before since seeing how the nappies actually work. I have about another two years worth of nappy purchasing ahead of me before Daniel is potty trained and I know I will keep on buying Pampers until that point.

Disclosure: I was sent a pack of nappies for the purposes of this test and review. All opinions are my own. I was not required to write a positive review.








Wicked Wednesdays – 30th July 2014

You must wear wellies when you are potty training!




Product Review: Fisher Price Baby Gear

Over the last few months, Thomas and Daniel (mostly Daniel!) have been testing out a range of Fisher Price newborn to toddler products. We received the Sit Me Up Seat (pictured above), the Kick N Play Piano Gym and the Rainforest Friends Newborn to Toddler Rocker. Our first impressions were that the range was brightly coloured, easy to set up and seemed to have both children interested as soon we put them up. Here are more detailed reviews relating to each product.

Sit Me Up Seat

We were very impressed with this seat. It folds fold for easy storage and transportation to grandparents for example. There are two toys attached tv at are interchangeable with other Fisher Products (the Piano Play Gym is one example). Daniel loves sitting in this seat and quite enjoys playing with the toys. Thomas likes this seat too and keeps asking to sit in it despite being too big for it!

Kick N Play Piano Gym
Daniel has loved this since we received it. He enjoys looking at himself in the mirror and playing with the four interchangeable toys. His favouite toys are the elephant and the zebra. Daniel loves kicking the piano and I generally leave it in automatic mode (it plays a series of tunes continuously) but when he is a bit older, I will let him press the individual keys. Once he can sit up, I will let him play the piano himself too by changing the piano position using the screws on the side. Thomas likes this too and keeps on trying to play with it, despite me telling him it’s for babies!
Rainforest Friends Newborn To Toddler Rocker
The rocker is our most used piece of the range. Thomas and Daniel both love it’s bright colours and Thomas is very happy that he can go in it too. The weight limit is 40lbs and Thomas is just under it at 2 and a 1/2 years old. They both love the lion on the hanging bar. Thomas and Daniel both think it is a popular TV character beginning with the letter ‘R’. Daniel likes talking to and rattling the lion using the leaf holder at the bottom. The square toy on the other side does not really attract his attention that much. The toy bar is removable so bigger babies and toddlers can get in the seat easier but the toys on it are not interchangeable which is disappointing. You can recline the seat slightly so babies can go to sleep in it. Daniel has gone to sleep in it a few times and looks very comfortable indeed. The seat also vibrates which further helps little babies go to sleep in it. The restraint is easily adjustable and it is easy to strap babies in it. You do not need to use it for toddlers who can get in and out of the chair on their own. The rocker folds down for easy transportation and storage so you could take it on holiday or to grandparents for example. To make the rocker more useful, I think the toy bar should have interchangeable toys and you should be able to swap the side over that the bar sits on.
Overall, we have been very impressed with the Fisher Price range. It is well built, attractive to babies and toddlers with the bright colours, good value for money as they will last your baby/toddler a long while and they are very portable and compact for easy transportation and storage. We have been so impressed that we have just purchased a second hand Jumperoo for Daniel so its really like we have had a Fisher Price explosion in our living room now!
Disclosure: we were sent the Fisher Price products for the purposes of this review. All opinions are our own. We were not required to write a positive review.




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